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Přímý modulární pás I Rozteč modulů 14 mm (0.55 in)

Pro lehké až středně náročné potravinářské a nepotravinářské aplikace

Design characteristics

  • Small pitch belt for applications
    requiring small transfer gaps

  • Hinges that open wide and flat channels on the underside ensure the belt is easy to clean

  • Unique sprocket design with rounded tooth edges provides ideal load distribution

  • Wide sprocket teeth ensure superior sprocket engagement and strength


Basic data




Belt width





Hinge pins


14 mm (0.55 in)


25 mm (0.98 in)

12.5 mm (0.5 in)

Made of plastic (PE, PP, PBT)

Basic Data Series 4.1.jpg

S4.1-0 FLT | 0 % Opening | Flat top


  • Closed, smooth surface

  • Flat top surface

S4.1-0 FLT.jpg

S4.1-0 NPY | 0 % Opening | Inverted pyramid


  • Closed surface

  • Inverted pyramid pattern for superb release characteristics when conveying wet or sticky products

S4.1-0 NPY.jpg

S4.1-0 FRT1 | 0 % Opening | Friction top (Design 1)


  • Closed surface

  • Friction top with slightly elevated triangular shapes to reduce contact area/increase contact pressure to
    optimise grip and to channel dirt away from the friction surface

S4.1-0 FRT1.jpg

S4.1-21 FLT | 21 % Opening | Flat top


  • Large open area (21 %) for excellent air circulation and drainage

  • Smooth surface

S4.1-21 FLT.jpg

S4.1-21 NTP | 21 % Opening | Nub top (round studs)


  • Large open area (21 %) for excellent air circulation and drainage

  • Nub top surface for good release of wet and sticky products

  • Version available without round studs at the side (25 mm indent)

S4.1-21 NTP.jpg



In different sizes with round or square sprocket bore




In different heights and designs for inclines

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