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Přímý modulární pás I Rozteč modulů 40 mm (1.57 in)

Pro náročné nepotravinářské aplikace

Design characteristics

  • Closed-hinge design provides high belt pull capacity

  • Small-pitch relative to belt thickness makes belt suitable for compact, heavily loaded conveyors

  • Robust design with large surface contact area ensures superior wear life

  • Closed solid edge

  • Flame retardant version available (PXX-HC – in line with DIN EN 13501-1)


Basic data




Belt width





Hinge pins


40 mm (1.57 in)


40 mm (1.57 in) 360 mm (14.2 in) for belts with FRT-surface (side modules only available without FRT-surface)

20 mm (0.8 in) FRT-surface on request


Made of plastic (PBT) or stainless steel

Series 7.jpg

S7-0 FLT | 0% Opening | Flat top


  • Closed, smooth surface

  • Flat top surface

S7-0 FLT.jpg

S7-0 SRS | 0% Opening | Slip-resistant


  • Closed surface

  • Slip-resistant surface, pleasant to walk and kneel on

  • Flat top surface

S7-0 SRS.jpg

S7-6 FLT| 6% Opening | Flat top


  • Open area (6 %) increases drainage capacity

  • Smooth surface

S7-6 FLT.jpg

S7-0 NSK | 0% Opening | Non skid


  • Closed surface

  • Non-skid surface for safety when walking on belt

S7-0 NSK.jpg

S7-6 NSK | 6 % Opening | Non skid


  • Open area (6 %)

  • Non-skid surface with drainage holes for safety when walking on wet belts

S7-6 NSK.jpg

S7-0 FRT1 | 0 % Opening | Friction top (Design 1)


  • Closed surface

  • Friction top version with replaceable rubber pads provides increased grip

S7-0 FRT1.jpg



In different sizes with round or square sprocket bore




used for securing the position of vehicles on the belt


Pin Retained Rollers


For applications where low back pressure accumulation or product separation is required

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